2018 Football – what are the odds for your team?

How does your team rank this year?

The season has not begun but Vegas has been busy already.  Your friends and family and maybe even work might have a pool going.  Now we will keep our opinions, guesses really to ourselves, and we certainly do not recommend you using this as information (no warranties here – lol) but we thought it would be fun for you if you have not looked yet.


ODDS TO WIN             2018 AFC EAST

New England Patriots            1/6

Miami Dolphins                       7/1

New York Jets                        14/1

Buffalo Bills                            16/1


ODDS TO WIN             2018 AFC NORTH

Pittsburgh Steelers                 10/19

Baltimore Ravens                   11/4

Cleveland Browns                   9/1

Cincinnati Bengals                  10/1


ODDS TO WIN 2          2018 AFC SOUTH

Team                                       Odds

Jacksonville Jaguars                7/4

Houston Texans                      2/1

Tennessee Titans                    7/2

Indianapolis Colts                   9/2


ODDS TO WIN             2018 AFC WEST

Los Angeles Chargers              5/4

Kansas City Chiefs                   11/4

Oakland Raiders                     7/2

Denver Broncos                      5/1


ODDS TO WIN             2018 NFC EAST

Team                                       Odds

Philadelphia Eagles                2/3

Dallas Cowboys                       7/2

New York Giants                     5/1

Washington Redskins            8/1


ODDS TO WIN             2018 NFC NORTH

Minnesota Vikings                  5/4

Green Bay Packers                  3/2

Detroit Lions                           6/1

Chicago Bears                        8/1


ODDS TO WIN             2018 NFC SOUTH

New Orleans Saints                7/5

Atlanta Falcons                       7/4

Carolina Panthers                   3/1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers           12/1



These odds and more are listed on vegasinsider.com

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