A boot on a golf cart? This was a new one for us!

Your Deed Restrictions - a must read!

Seen today at Grand Travers plaza and at Eisenhower Recreation Center, code enforcement was out leaving reminders to people trying to sell their car in a public space.   As for the golf cart, we are not sure what was going on – I’ve never seen a boot on a golf cart!  Bummer!


That made us think that it would be good for us to all look at the rules.  Attached is a link to The Villages Declaration of Restrictions- Click here –  that we all have agreed to when buying.  With all of the closing documents, even though we found the process VERY efficient, we forgot about this important little set of rules.   Some argue that there are too many rules but at the end of the day we all signed up.

Click the link, select your county and then your specific area.  You should probably print, read and refresh occasionally.


Hammer & Stain