A fantastic sub – make it at home

A great roast beef sub - SO GOOD!

We love subs!  Try this…

Heat up a few peppers.  We buy the cut assortment from the grocery store.  Heat them slowly with a covered pan.  Add some buttered cook with a lid so they don’t dry out.

Heat up some meat.  We use the London Broil roast beef!  So good but bad for you because you also add a little butter to the pan and heat covered.  The big trick is to order it shaved.  We use about 1/2 lb for 2 sandwiches.

Time for the cheese.  We use Velveeta Queso.  Heat with a little milk and some spices.  Depending on how much of a bite you want to choose wisely.

As all of this is wrapping up, grill your bread like a grilled cheese.  Cut a sub bun in 1/2, butter and cook.

Toast sub rolls!  Do it just like you would make a grilled cheese.

Put it all together and you have a YUMMY meal.  Time for a nap!



Inspired by the Pioneer Woman -Ree Drummond – she has some great recipes!

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