Our Approach

You could also call this heading “Our philosophy” or “Our vision.”   This website was created to provide a full service information source for Villagers and those visiting the Villages FL.  There are plenty of sites that provide directories and reviews but not specifically focused on the Villages as ours.  A business and  local service  directories is  only one part of our resource, we have included a location to find Clubs, a place for Villagers to list, at no cost, classified ads and many other informational bits.  Along with our site we have a Facebook page (villagershub) to tie in other mediums of social media.


Our goal is to have fun with these sites.  We are not IT people but are learning quickly.  (keep the comments to your self – lol).

Our Story

After living in the Villages for 4 years, but visiting for 8, we noticed that there was a need for a more user-friendly resource.  We have enjoyed our competitions sites over the years but wished to compete and expand.  My wife and I, along with a good friend, have decided to enter the market with the hope of providing our visitors and customers a clean, user-friendly tool.  We have included a fun multi-site, multi-medium marketing logic with the hopes of reaching to people who aren’t even familiar with the Villages and the surrounding area.

Meet the Team


Matthew Borg


My wife and I enjoying Brownwood square this past holiday season.  I am in Finance but have always had a passion computers and marketing.



Be apart of our site…

If you are a business looking for traffic, a smaller company looking for new customers, a club looking to share information or if you are someone who wants to know or to share, enjoy our site!  We always welcome comments and suggestions – contact us!

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