Alligators in Florida and our hometown – things to know

Mating season for alligators is here!

Did you know that Alligator mating season is begins in April and runs through June.  During that time it’s even more important to STAY AWAY!

Courtship begins in April which is followed by mating in May and June.  During this time it is more common to find our “cute little friends” roaming around as they look for their mate and nesting area.

Keep your pets away and be careful if you try to fish near the ponds.  Alligators can roam by using the water tunnels connecting some of our water/ponds on the course.  There might not be one there today but tomorrow is another story!

At the end of the day we all enjoy seeing them, from a far, and love showing them to our guests.  We’d love you to share your pictures on our Facebook page!


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