An overview of our town squares

A place for family and friends to meet for live entertainment and beautiful settings.

The Squares


The center points of the Villages.  Each square offers 365 days of evening entertainment (weather pending) restaurants/bars, shops and regular special attractions.  Special events such as the Italian festival, Mardi Gras, Car shows, holiday events and much more, each square has its own personality and offerings. And of course, don’t forget the happy hours specials from the bait shacks!

Downtown Brownwood (Paddock Square)

The latest of our downtowns.  With a growing number of stores, restaurants and a soon to come hotel, Brownwood has become a great venue for entertainment. With stadium style seating as well as many additional chairs, the square is a place for music and dancing.  Happy hour 5-6 (drinks are 2 for 1)


Spanish Springs

Our first downtown in the Villages.  North, near the historic side of the Villages, Spanish Spring offers an open rustic atmosphere.  Loaded with shops and restaurants, this downtown is known for its car shows and bars and restaurants opened later than the other squares.  Near Veterans park, has plenty to offer.  Happy hour 5-7 (drinks are 2 for 1)


 Lake Sumter Landing

In the center of the Villages is Sumter Landing.  Alongside Lake Sumter, this square offers all the amenities as the others with a beautiful scenic board walk.  The “hub” square, Lake Sumter Landing also offers a beautiful hotel for guests along with all of the fun of the other squares.  Come and walk the board walk and look for turtles, alligators and fish (just don’t go for a swim!  Happy hour 5-6 (drinks are 2 for 1)




Hammer & Stain