Attack of the Mushrooms!

Attack of the Mushrooms! Some tips on getting rid of them.

I know we are not the only ones having issues with mushrooms taking over their yard; we see them on our rides.  Whether they are the big mushrooms or littles ones – they look horrible.


Although they do have positive effects for your lawn, I wanted to share a few tips to get rid of these ugly yard decorations.

  • Remove them immediately – if you wait too long they release spores and more will follow.  Raking and mowing increase the chance of spores spreading.
  • Nitrogen fertilizer – This will help kill what feeds the mushroom
  • Soap and Water – After picking, pour a mixture around the area that the mushrooms are.  This will help kill their food.
  • Make sure that your yard does not hold water.  Saturated water leads to bacteria which leads to mushrooms.
  • Keep your lawn mowed.  This will help air flow and will dry the ground quicker.  

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