Change your clocks this weekend

Opinion from a follower - How do you feel about the time changes each year?

Set clocks back 1 hour before bed on Saturday, November 3rd. Your cell phones will update automatically

Some other things to do/consider

  • Change the batteries in your smoke detectors
  • Check the battery in your garage door opener
  • Don’t exercise as hard first thing in the AM.  Let your body adjust
  • If you work, start changing your sleeping habits on Friday – Let your body have a day or two to adjust


Opinion from a follower…

” This entire antiquated tradition started in the early 1900’s, and it wasn’t for farmers, or school busses, like we’ve heard. It actually was for retailers to get an extra hour of shoppers.   Considering how little people shop in brick & mortar stores anymore, it seems so ridiculous. Not to mention the amount of electricity consume increases up to 25% while we keep this change .   So, here we go messing with individuals’ everyday habits. Mental health illnesses spike 60% in some areas.   Health problems spike.

Antidote evidence speaks to everyone hating it.   I don’t know anyone who likes it!!!

However, NONE of this would be necessary if Mitch McConnell would put forward the bill that passed through the entire Florida legislative process. Then reached Senator Marco Rubio’s Desk where he tried to get the bill on the floor for a vote.   But of course it died.   Why we even need their permission (the federal government) is beyond my comprehension.   Other states such as Arizona and Indiana are somehow exempt and don’t change their clocks twice a year.   They must have passed the bills when things actually happened in DC. – unfortunately not LOL.”


What are your thoughts?


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