Check out our Forum!

Not crowded with ads, easy to use and the best part is you do not need to be registered to reply.

Facebook is great – we all use it but somethings you say or comment on you don’t want to be on your page.   We have just added a new forum to the villagershub website where you can voice your opinion, ask questions and leave responses without fear that someone will leave a nasty reply for all of your friends to see.


It’s easy, fresh, and best of all you don’t have to register to leave a reply!  Now if you are looking to start a topic that’s when you need to be registered.  And if you want you can share to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.



Disclaimer – we will remove any posts or replies that are not family friendly.  If we miss one we apologize, please let us know.   Also, we do not write the posts or response so if you suspect slander please let us know – that is no the goal of this page.


And if you want more topics, let us know!


Hammer & Stain