College Football – are you ready?!!!!!!!!!

Need a schedule - we have a link - with no-popup ads!!!

You know that summer is wrapping up and fall is on our doorstep when our Saturdays become consumed with college football.  This is the time of Football parties, crowds at the bar (near the TV seats) and Saturday home projects to be put on hold.  And worst of all, for some, a slow Sunday due to some extra “sodas” the day before.


Breakout your flags and hang them with pride!


I found this link that fans will be happy to checkout – a guide to all games!  With so many transplants and visitors in the area I am not going to try to type out the schedules but will give you the link.  I have checked it and there were no-pop up ads!!!


One last point or tip…  hold tight to your wallet and stick to squares.   If you are like me, never bet on your team in fear of bringing then bad luck!


Who is your team?  Leave a comment!   – GO BLUE for me!


2018 College Football schedules (thanks to CBS Sports!) – click here

Photo from CBS sports

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