Driveway bling – Many options with pros and cons

Did you or do you plan to have your driveway finished?

Have you thought about painting your driveway or sidewalk?  So many options from simple paint to prints to replacing the driveway with brick pavers.

All have different costs, so we could never give you an idea of what you are looking at but what we can do is share a few bits…

  • Make sure your community allows what you are looking to do. Some sections of The Villages all just about anything but others need approval.  In fact, in the villas only some allow paint and even then, limit what you can do.
  • Make sure you consider carefully what you want. Once it’s done it is pretty expensive to go back!  Pick your vendor carefully and get reviews.  We’ve seen a few brick driveways that we a little off.
  • Know what surface you want. Some of the painted driveways are slippery when wet.  If you are prone to falling of have dogs be cautious.

  • Get cleaning instructions. You don’t want to power wash the space between the bricks, you could remove the fill and you certainly don’t want to peel the paint.

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