Empty Storefronts – is there anything planned?

Whats next for these empty storefronts?

We all love the downtowns.   We go to the downtowns to watch some entertainment, go have a nice dinner or talk a little walk and do some shopping, our downtowns offer something for everyone.

But there is still the question – why the empty storefronts?  Us residents see this and all say, wouldn’t it be great if there was this, that or a different store in there.  A hardware store, a  5 & dime, a Big Boys or Friendly’s (for our northern friends).  Even everyone visiting us asks then same question when we are showing them our downtowns…”are more stores coming”.

Sumter Landing

With the growth we continue to see and the huge development in the area, one would think these spaces would be a hot commodity .  Is it the cost of rent or the required shop hours – maybe the summer is to support all of these businesses?


We know about Bluefin and Babette’s but is there anything else?  We can only have some many strip malls with essentially the same things in each.


And if The Villages is going to keep growing and possibly add a 4th downtown, shouldn’t we fill up these stores first?  Maybe with the development of the new Hotel and lofts, more business will be interesting to


What do you want to be added?  Comment below.



Hammer & Stain