Fake holidays – what would you like to celebrate?

Do you have something that you would like to celebrate - maybe you can create a holiday!

Did you know that you can create your own holiday?  Some countries even have guidelines but at the end of the day if you can find people to observe what you create – you have a holiday!


Where do holidays come from?  Other than the ones on our calendar, most are something that someone created and people took a liking to.  Are most created to drive us to the card store?  I would bet that none of can find cards at Hallmark for the following holidays.


These are some holidays that are right around the corner.  Have you heard of…

  • August 12 – Middle Child Day
  • August 13 – Left Handers Day
  • August 16 – Tell a Joke Day
  • August 20 – Pecan Pie Day
  • August 31 – Eat Outside Day

Some of my favorite

  • February 2 – Work Naked Day – HR might have a problem with that so I would not observe!
  • February – Do a Grouch a Favor Day
  • March 12 – Napping Day!!!  or as I call it – Every Saturday!
  • May 9 – Lost Sock Memorial Day
  • Dec 23 – Festivus (who remembers Seinfeld?

These are just a few and more can be found at


Picture from Pinterest – click for even more crazy holidays!  


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