Garbage Etiquette

Help keep our community clean.

As people are heading north, regardless if they are snow birds or just going north to avoid the summer, we have been noticing the unintentional mess more mess on our streets than normal.  It comes from people putting out their trash too early before trash day.

We all need to remember that although we live in a developed community there is still wildlife.

Our suggestion – ask a neighbor to bring our your trash and to store it in their garage before you leave.  Not only to avoid a possible mess from the animals but no one wants to look at it while we all wait for garbage day.  If you are that neighbor, reach out and make that offer.

If you are renting, tell the landlord that you left your trash in the garage.  They typically need to come and do their inspection or cleaning before their next tenant.  Let them take it out on a closer day.

One last note – we’ve heard that the garbage collectors do not like the big contractor bags.  These are sometimes left for weeks in-front of houses.  Spread the word.


At the end of the day, we love our clean community.  Lets all help keep it that way.

Hammer & Stain