Get out and vote!

Early voting - avoid the lines and crowds! Click here for a link to Florida's information.

Have you voted yet?  There is a lot of items to consider on the ballot this year and as are putting more weight on this election, at least it appears that way, so we all need to remember that we have the obligation to get out there and cast our ballot.  Vote as you will, neither party seems to have much common ground, but remember, if you don’t vote you can’t complain!


Early voting is a perk to those of us registered in Florida.  Take advantage of it – no lines and you can even do it on the weekend!  For a list of early voting locations click here to the County Supervisor of Election website.


As of tonight, in Sumter County, there are 96,497 Active Registered Voters.  Of that 46,713 ballots have been cast, a good number by mail but 26,828 by early voting.  The numbers will change but check it out for yourself…. Click to


Republican, Democrat, Independent or whatever your preference is just vote.  Some vote by party, some vote by policy and some by person – no way is incorrect.

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