Go catch a game! – revised

When is the last time you went to a good baseball or hockey game? Its easy to forget that we have some great teams in Florida but also that our former home teams come here!

Missing the days of going to your home sports games or do you want to start rooting for a local team?

Checkout the local teams home schedules and you can more than likely check out a game and cheer for your team and chances are you won’t be the only one in an away jersey.


Tampa Bay baseball and hockey are great venues to check out and not that far of a drive. You can also make it an overnight trip and while you’re there, check out the Salvador Dali Museum or catch a local beach in the area.  Talk about one extreme to another.


I wasn’t used to seeing a baseball game in a dome setting but must admit it has its perks! The temperature is quite comfortable and there is no sun in your eyes to contend with. Parking at the Tampa Bay Rays arena was a breeze. Our team being away was easy enough to get used to especially considering there was more of us than them.


When hockey rolls around again. The Tampa Bay Lightning arena is also a great way to check out your team.   While a bit pricier, it is well worth going if you’re a hockey fan. Don’t be surprised if your teams’ tickets are far higher than others.   Again, a great venue, and you won’t find yourself being the only away fan.

Worst case you see your old team and best case you find another that you want to support!




Many hotels in the area offer overnight packages. If you don’t mind the 90-minute drive, which generally moves quickly, then skip the hotel. Here are some helpful links to get your tickets.





Main photo from the Lakeland Spring Training stadium – Detroit Tigers!

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