Harvest Moon this Monday – Sept 24th

Some fun facts about the Harvest Moon

Clear sky permitting, this Monday we will see the Harvest Moon.  This is the start of the summer equinox (The first day of fall).

Did you know that Equinox is latin for equal.  The reason used is there will be 12 hours or day and 12 hours of night.

The Harvest Moon got its name/popularity by helping the farmers.  During the next few days the moonrise will come shortly after sunset.  This caused more light for the farmers to harvest their summer crop.

Sure we might miss the leaves changing colors, the sweat shirt nights, camp fires but quickly remember this…no raking leaves and no, soon to come, snow and ice – we can still goto the pool anytime we want!

More info if you want @ The Old Farmers Almanac

Photo from VIX

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