Hornets everywhere!

Some facts about hornets you should know.

A week ago, we were out cleaning up the yard and trimming the palms when we were attached by hornets. I never would have thought to look in our little palm for a hive.  So, beware before you trim anything – they can live just about anywhere!  We now spay the palms and bushes with a hose before trimming – better safe than sorry.   BTW – we also found a hive in our outdoor electric box.




  • Can reach up to 2.2 inches in length
  • There are 22 species
  • Most nests are in trees and shrubs – That includes Palm Trees
  • Very aggressive especially near their nests
  • There is 1 Queen per next and eggs hatch in 2 weeks
  • Hornets can sting MULTIPLE times! They also release a pheromone which helps others gang up on you.  If you kill one, it the pheromone lets others in the area know and will become more aggressive.





Post Image from Clipart-Library

Other photos – from my yard.

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