Lightning Rods for your home – some facts

Should you consider lightning rods for your home?

We all see some homes with lighting rods on some homes but not on most.  After readying this, knowing we are in the lightning capital, you will wonder why they aren’t installed when our homes are built.


What is the purpose of lightning rods?

Lightning rods provide a safe path for lightning to ground. On a home, they are installed on the highest point and can have multiple rods all traveling down the house.  An upward leader from the rod connects with a down stepped leader. The rod —which is grounded — provides a safe path for the electricity to reach the ground.

Do lightning rods attract lightning or prevent it?

Simple put – No.  Lightning rods only provide a path and method to control the current received if a home is struck.


Am I safe in my home when lightning strikes?

Yes and No.  Besides the obvious risk of fire, if lightning strikes a home it will travel through things that conduct the current.  Avoid touching metal and water areas during a lightning storm.  (No showers or watering the plants!).  Avoid using a land phone line and keep your distance from anything plugged into the wall (even if it has been turned off).  Surge Suppressors on electronics cane help some people still unplug valuable electronics.  Also avoid windows (if struck they will explode!

What is the cost of installing lightning rods on your home?

It’s tough to label an exact cost because all homes are different. My search showed that the average cost on a 2500 SF home was about $2,500.  I am sure the cost will vary based on the homes design.


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