No space is wasted in The Villages

Growth is great but how close should it be to the homes?

Anyone who bought their house on the outskirts of their Village ran the risk that the trees would be removed and something would be build.  The question is how close is too close?

Residents of the village of Collier have been complaining that the new Shooters World is a bit too close.  Bumping up next to the back Villas is a multi-story building where once was a field with a few trees.   From their back yard, where they paid a premium for the privacy with their back and side wall now towers a new building.  The same may be said for the villas near the new coming soon hotel and lofts.


Everyone I’ve spoken with is fine with a Shooters World being added but most wish it would have been on the outside of The Villages and now within a few feet from their homes.  So it’s not what is going in but how close it is to their home.


All are hoping some trees are added to provide a little privacy – we’ll see.



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