Our poll results are in…

We asked a bunch of random questions and this is how you responded

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Would you support golf carts being towed if they are parked illegally?

  • 83% say yes
  • 17% say no


Do you have a separate golf cart insurance policy? If yes, please comment on how easy it is to use if needed.

  • 76% say yes
  • 24% say no


Should there be a limit on campaign spending on television ads? I am sick of the ads!

  • 88% say yes
  • 12% say no


Should we have Fireworks over Lake Sumter for the 4th of July or for New Years?

  • 81% say yes
  • 19% say no


Should the pools be open after sunset?

  • 78% say yes
  • 22% say no


Do you feel the Community Watch patrols your Village enough?

  • 77% say yes
  • 23% say no


Are the monthly amenity fees in The Villages too high or should they be capped?

  • 60% say yes
  • 40% say no
    • Note – I accept this was a bit confusing for some with 2 questions in the poll. The intent was to have people leave comments on the capped question.  Believe me, people shared their opinion – sorry about that.

Thank you for all that participated!!!

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