Podcasts – another great source of entertainment

Have you tried them - they are a great alternative to the same stuff every day!

Since moving to The Villages 5 years ago from the Detroit area I quickly realized that aside from our wonderful local radio station, AM640, there really wasn’t much else on the radio to listen to. Digging a little deeper into the subject, there was a swift realization that due to satellite radio and other variables, this wasn’t just a local issue.  Longing for the days of non-political talk radio, sports talk radio, etc., I quickly discovered the wonderful world of Podcasts.


The first Podcast I discovered was a true crime story called, “Serial,” produced by the creators of “This American Life” and narrated by Sarah Koenig. It was a fascinating series of events that left the audience wondering, “who did it?”


I then tried, “The Adam Carolla Show” which is wonderfully produced and professional. Longing for a Detroit morning radio show, I one day did a search for, “The Drew & Mike Show,” (an old radio show we listened to in Detroit, and to my delight they had developed my favorite podcast.  They discuss hot topics in our culture and have great takes on everything with a lot of humor.


Podcasts come with several benefits. You can listen to them on your time, they’re free, and you can take them anywhere with your phone.


Just doing a quick look at the top charts under the podcast icon on the home screen of my i-phone. There are so many topics for everyone. Here is just a sampling of a few titles out there; “Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History”, “Cover-up” remembering Chappaquiddick, “The Joe Rogen Experience” and hundreds more.


I highly recommend trying out a podcast and hopefully you too will become a huge fan like me. If you have a favorite podcast to recommend let us know.


Picture and link to The Drew & Mike podcast

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