Preparing for everyones return – or are they already here?

Winter is coming for the north so our part-timers and guest will be arriving back soon!

Went to downtown Brownwood last night and it was as crowded as it is in the middle of February.  I was a bit surprised.  Parking was just not available (this is behind Gators where it is only occasionally partially filled).  I drove around for 15 minutes looking for a golf cart spot.

Last night:

But then this morning I saw crews wrapping up the regular “changing of the flower beds”


No complaints here as this was a big reason we moved here – it’s always looking great but that made me wonder what happens to all of the flowers that they pull.  Am I the only one curious?


So why not let the residents pull the flowers first to take home and plant.  I know some are seasonal plants but we are in Florida and that rule does not always apply here.  No need to waste these flowers as many will come back.


Can we go and take some as they are being pulled?  Has anyone asked if there is a concern.  Could be some free labor for The Villages.

Hammer & Stain