Rats – did you know?

Rats in Florida - tips to keep them away from your home and yard

Rats – I’ll pass!


We may not see them but they are around.  I bet you’ve heard them at night or in the morning, the squeaking sound coming from the bushes and your palm trees, yes I said palm trees!

Our neighborhood, as beautiful and developed as it is, is not immune to rats!  You shouldn’t worry about them harming you, they are more scared of you than you of them but they can certainly leave their mark.

Tips to keep rats out of your yard and away from your home…

  1. Do not have fruit producing plants.  Although we would love to go to the back yard and get a fresh apple or pear, so would the rats.  If you do keep these plants, make sure you don’t leave any of  the fallen fruit on the ground!  Pick up and dispose of scrap.  And/or have rat traps in the area  but beware of the smell if you catch them (yuck)
  2. Do not leave food on your lanai – and that includes pet food.  I’ve heard many stories of how the rates eat through the screen to get dinner while you sleep.  The closer they get to your home the better chance they will get IN your home (no thanks!)
  3. Remove overgrown brush.  This may be part of your landscaping but you are also giving them a place to nest.  If you have dogs and are on a walk you will notice they are attracted to these areas, not because they like your landscaping, but because they smell these rodents.
  4. Keep your palm tress clean.  Believe it or not rats can live in palm trees.  Typically called Palm Rats, they build their nest in the taller trees.
  5. Have pets – rats will be deterred by the smell and activity of dogs in the yard.
  6. Do not store your garbage – get rid of it on garbage day and if you are away ask a neighbor to take it out.

What rats can do…

  • Eat insulation in your home – they can migrate to your Attic and walls
  • Get into  your garage and feed of garbage.  Maybe this is a reason that we have 2 pickups a week as we can’t keep it outside in a bin.
  • Eat wires in your car – I’ve known this to happen to 2 people so far!
  • Eat your plants, vegetables kill your garden.


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