Security tips to consider

Protecting your data

You can never be to careful with your privacy and more importantly with your money.  Hackers do not care who you are we are; they typically target randomly.  Below are a few tips that we should all follow.


Tip 1 – Change all of your passwords on a regular basis.  You may want to set a calendar appointment every few months to remind yourself.  And it’s not just your on-line bank account password.  Include passwords to your email, phone, on-line accounts at stores and anywhere you may have given your credit card to.

Tip 2 – Keep all of your software updates.  It may be an inconvenience but your computer and phone have updates for a reason.

Tip 3 – Do not use public wi-fi unless you need to.  It is convenient but you do not know the security on the network.

Tip 4 – Be careful of what you click.  Do not open attachments in your email unless you know who they are from.  Hackers spoof email addresses so you may think its a store sending you an email when it is someone planting software on your computer or phone.

Tip 5 – Backup your data.  You should regularly connect your phone to your computer to back up contacts, activity etc…  It is a good idea to also have a backup hard drive to back up your computer.  Nowadays it is a simple and painless process.

Tip 6 – This comes from captain obvious – do not share ANY of your passwords

Tip 7 – Review your Facebook settings to ensure you have the privacy level you need.  Unless you change your settings, even people you have not “friended” can see your photos and posts.  When you go on vacation and if you have not locked down your settings, people might know when you are not at your house.

Tip 8 – Use strong passwords.  It is a pain, but you should add a symbol and a capital letter in all passwords.  Do not use birthdays, names of people in your family or anything someone could guess.  Try using a saying that you like and only you would know.  It may sound silly but use something like “Lovemygolfcart01!”   – (this is only an example).  Most passwords can be reset so if you forget what you used do not worry.

Tip 9 – If you receive bills on-line you should try to avoid by clicking the link in the email.  Log in directly to their site if you are planning to pay anything.

Tip 10 – It certainly does not hurt to have internet security.  You model will have a form of security but you should also consider having special software on your computer.

These are not new ideas that you have not heard before but it is always good to have reminder.  Again, set an appointment in your calendar to do these tips.


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