Stop signs are for everyone – not just cars and golf carts

Please be careful and respectful of each other

For those new to the area, and for those of us that live here year round, we all need to be respectful of those around us.  Life is getting crazier every day and we are all losing our patience and attention span.


Stop signs are for everyone.  This includes golf carts, bikers, joggers, walkers and even those unique style bikes – no exceptions.  Take the time and stop – a rolling stop does not count.  There are no traffic cams on the multi-modal paths and no traffic cops writing tickets but wouldn’t it be horrible to be in an accident.


Each year we hear of more and more accidents and see more close calls than we’d like.  Remember – we share the paths.


This might sound a bit preachy but I was almost hit by someone who blew a stop sign this weekend and regardless of whose at fault, no-one needs to live with the guilt and consequences of poor driving.


PS – Yield means Yield

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