Take a break from life

Stop and enjoy life - we all need a break!

How often have you driven by in your golf cart and noticed an empty bench?  We have them all through out The Villages and so often they are empty.  They always have wonderful dedications and sometimes they are beautifully decorated.

One day, years ago, I didn’t feel like sitting at home to read my book.   I took a walk and sat on the bench and began to read.

A few hours went by without me noticing.  Since that day I appreciate all of the benches  and often wonder why others are not using them as I did – as a place to just sit and enjoy life!  Most are located in places with a great view so if you are not reading you can just sit and watch people, the cars and the beautiful wildlife.

They say, people who move to The Villages live longer than most,  and I believe it. The next time you are on a walk or on a golf cart ride, stop and take a few minutes to enjoy what you have.  Life is short and we all need to appreciate it more! Do you have a great place where you like to ponder? If you feel like sharing, let us know!!!!


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