The answers to Florida Trivia – how did you do?

Let's see how much we know about our state?

Questions but with the answers…

  1. What is the most famous beach in Florida?  Daytona
  2. Where were the Tarzan movies filmed?   Silver Springs
  3. What year did Florida become a state?  1845
  4. What lake is 700 sq. miles in total size?  Lake Okeechobee
  5. By land size – what is the largest city? Jacksonville
  6. What is the state Saltwater fish?  Atlantic Sailfish
  7. What is the state shell?  Horse Conch
  8. Bugs – yuk – what is the state insect? Zabra Lingwing Butterfly
  9. What city in Florida is known as the Venice of America?  Fort Lauderdale
  10. What do Flamingos eat to get their color?  Shrimp
  11. Is Florida the most southern state?  No – It is actually Hawaii
  12. True or false – you are never more than 60 miles from the Ocean?  True
  13. True or false – is it legal to sing while wearing a swimsuit in public?  No

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