The red tide is political battle

Politicians - step up and save our beaches, fish and other wildlife!

We all know that the red tide affecting the coast is caused by algae blooms getting out of control.  Killing fish, plants and other wildlife the red tide is the causing a horrible impact to Florida and its economy.

Do you think it is just nature running its course or do you believe that it is the fertilizer from the sugar industry, overall growth and  increased population in the state?  Many are saying that the overflow from Lake Okeechobee is a huge driver.  According to multiple articles that I have read, 10 days after every discharge there is a new bloom.


So where is the EPA?  Why do our politicians debate back and forth about solutions.  If this continues to happen how much will our state that we love suffer for a few industries?  (If this is the case – disclaimer).


Our local politicians continue to get money from special interest groups.  I quote…

Governor Rick Scott and Agricultural Commissioner Adam Putnam have collected around a half a million dollars each over the years. U.S. Senators Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson have also received contributions according to


People are starting to take a stand.  Over the past week there have been a few gatherings on the coast line  showing solidarity but at the end of the day this does nothing – voting is what counts.  Check out our article with information about voting in this upcoming election – click here

The swamp is not only in DC – it’s here too! #handsaccrossthewater


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