Dead fish in our pond -whats going on

Spotted cleaning crew near Brownwood

Took a drive today to Brownwood for coffee and on our there we say a ton of birds feeding on the shore.  Stopping and a quick walk to the fence we noticed they were eating dead fish.

This was a first for us. In all of the years we have been here we have never seen dead fish floating at this volume.  Not just one or two but enough to send a crew to clean.  We stopped and asked and they were not sure why this had happened – they had just been told to do a quick cleanup.


Maybe its the lack of rain, maybe its the new construction – we don’t know but we are certainly interested.  I don’t think its the red tide, but in all seriousness maybe there is some form of algae?  With most of the ponds connected lets hope it’s just a freak thing!

Updated note- Chris from our Facebook post noted that claimed it was the extreme heat.  Thanks Chris – we missed that article.


If you know what might be causing it we would love your input – comment below.

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