Tips for your lanai

A few DIY ideas for your lanai!

Yet another great thing about Florida is that its nice outside the majority of the year.  Many people, including us, love our lanai.  Most homes to the north of us, in the colder states, might have a deck or a porch but with that comes the constant attack from bugs!

For those of you that use this extended room of your house often to watch TV, relax and enjoy a nice breeze but stay out of the sun, or as a place for meals (no bugs allowed) here are a few tips to improve this part of your house.

A rip in the screen is not only unsightly but also allows those bugs, and sometimes the cute lizards, into our outside room.  If it is a small hole, a double sided magnet will do the trick.  Looking more like a decoration this also covers the hole.

But if you have a big hole or tear we suggest you have it repaired before the summer rain and wind arrive.  Here are a few companies in our directory that can help!  Click here




If you want to add a little decoration, these tension rod caps are a must.These allow you to hand curtains without the wind and rain pulling them off the walls.  For a few bucks a set these work wonders.  For those of us that watch a TV outside, curtains are a must to block the suns glare!



And it you’d like a little decoration without putting holes in your siding (sorry but these does not work for stucco homes) these little clips are great.  They also work wonderful for holiday decorations!





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