Water levels are low in the ponds around the golf courses!

Preparation for this years storms?

As we approach hurricane season I have to believe that The Villages are taking a proactive approach this year by draining some of the ponds around the golf courses.

If you were here last year you will remember the incredible overflow and closed courses after last years storms.

They took their tool not only on the courses but also on everything.

We’ve heard that the ponds are connected and then used for the irrigation system keeping our courses green.  So as you drive around I wouldn’t be too alarmed by the low water levels.  Some of the ponds not on the courses still appear to be at a good level.


Some say with the colder winter the waters are cooler and will lower the chance of another big storm – only time will tell.

Look back at your photos from last year and share a few just so the newcomers have a flavor of how intense it can get!

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