We all have someone that should do a little more

My thoughts about yard maintenance, if not for yourself, but for your neighbors.

We all have that house in the sub that could d just a bit more.  Maybe they are a Snowbird and their landscaping company is taking them for a ride or maybe they just done care.  Whatever the reason nobody likes it.


More and more we have noticed a huge difference in those that take care of their yard versus those that don’t; and I am not talking about the grass being a bit long.

Even broken lights (No-one has lived in this house since we’ve been driving around and its been broken for 2 weeks)


Massive, overgrown shrubs, weeds in the cracks of their driveway or walk, and even broken parts of the house it’s not right.


Do you approach your directly, if they live their, send then a letter if they don’t or just call the Watch?  Would be interested to know how many people try to resolve before making it official.


Hammer & Stain