The bridge is almost done!

Is this the path to the new section or just a nice nature area?

Took a drive today to investigate the work being done behind Brownwood next to 44.  Clearly a bridge to the new section.  With the speed in which projects in the Villages move my bet is September and the new area will be open.  When it connects to the other side of the road – certainly before the Snowbirds arrive.

We have spoken to a few people and this is what we’ve heard.  A new path is being added to a park/walking area which will then lead to a tunnel or bridge that will cross 44.

Also, does that mean more buildings on back side of Brownwood?  Could make for a nice outdoor seating area overlooking the lake and bridge.  Would be nice if the current vacant storefronts fill in before more building – just my opinion.


As of 8/11/18


What we don’t know is where it will go from there.  Best we can tell the land on the other side of 44 is pretty full.

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