With all of the advertising options in the area, we believe that our clean and fresh site, our focus on positive content, and active marketing will make us stand out from the others.  We are blending information and resources making our site a great and useful experience. Our site will always offer competitive rates to ensure you get the most value for your advertising budget.  It is important to note that once on your listing page there will be no other advertisements – this is your page.

Not just a .jpg square or a banner ad – get an entire page!


Not only is you company listed in our location focused directory, you have essentially your own web page.

  • You are not limited to a banner or pop-ad
  • You have a whole page to share who you are and what you do
  • You control the content!
  • Make changes as often as you wish, highlight specials or promotions.


Your listing includes the basics such as phone number, website, location, and be found with as many search categories as you select. And if we don’t have a category that – we’ll add it.  Add up to 7 pictures of your company, customer testimonials or pictures eye-catching projects that you wish to highlight!  Our only rule is that you only post pictures that you own and that you have permission to post.


Visibility & Reach

Get visibility to Villagers and others that are local through our Facebook and Twitter pushes.  villagershub let’s our customers push their site directly to Facebook and Twitter, promote specials and, with our community posts, attract visitors.  We will be providing activity to continue to drawing people to the site.  We ask that you only push ads to our Facebook page once per week to ensure that the site remains a mix of events and listings. You are encouraged to share your listing to any other site as often as you wish.


Our basic listing is very inexpensive!   For those companies that want more, we can offer more.  With that said I goal is affordable pricing which benefits us all!  We guarantee that our cost is less than the other local sites!

Visitor functionality

Through a simple search using the search bar or click of the icon below, potential customers have multiple methods to find your listing. They can search by name or service. The ability to click and call the phone number listed (great for mobile phone users) and click to Website gives your visitors easy access to reach you.  You can even add your Twitter account if you want!

Feedback from your visitors and customers

Unless requested, each page allows visitors to rate and comment on your exclusive page.   We are hoping that you have your customers rate their experiences with you which both helps your future customers but also helps the traffic on our site.


We will create a draft listing for you.   We ask that you email some information about your business and a few pictures to us and we will get you started.   Our advanced directory site gives you the flexibility to log into your listing as frequently as you wish to make changes.   If you need a little more help, we will be there for you.



And it won’t stop there!

We have plans for growth!  Contact us to learn more! Or send an email to contact@lovingthevillages.com.