Wow – Fenny and the surrounding areas are growing quickly

Took a drive today to see the progress - check our some of the photos.

The growth certainly has not slowed down.  For those of you that have not made it out to the new, unconnected section, I thought you might enjoy some photos and a bit of information.


The Recreation Center and Grill – settled back within the woods this is absolutely beautiful.  A grand entrance with a coffee shop and a layout of whats to come (very impressive).  If you want to know what the next steps of The Villages are – this is the place to visit!


You have to look close but here is a photo/map of future development

The pool has a walk in slop so you can skip the ladders and steps.  There is a wonderful walking trail, a must see, that takes you in the woods and from the noise of reality.  A nice walk through the woods with plenty to see.


There is much more to offer and share – a future post.  Hope you enjoyed!

Hammer & Stain